Sante Sansone was born in Mola di Bari, Italy on March 2nd, 1994. As a child, he had a fascination for music and DJing, and at the age of fifteen, he had an incredible desire to share his music with others, which sparked his interest in becoming a DJ. His charisma and passion for music attracted followers who appreciated his talents. Sante is determined to overcome any obstacles and difficulties in his way, and he always strives to improve himself.

One of his best releases was in 2020, and is on the Hottrax imprint of Jamie Jones. He has also released music on Glasgow Underground, Saved, Toolroom, Materialism, and Stereo Production. This year, Sante has had gigs all around Europe in cities like London, Moscow, Berlin, Monaco, Ibiza, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Florence. With his growing fan base and constant progression in the industry, Sante Sansone’s career is set to flourish quickly and solidly.